Tuesday, May 3, 2011

La Traviata Ball, or Antonia's Gypsy Ballerina Costume

The ball was lovely, and I've finally slogged through my pictures to bring you a few good ones. There was fabulous music (and the band looked as good as they sounded - too fun!). There were delightful cookies (violins and cameilas - how perfect!). I didn't do a good enough job of photographing other people's costumes, but many of them were wonderful, and it was great to see people getting so into the spirit of things. The dancing was lively, and all in all it was a really nice ball. But to be fair, my favorite part was definitely my outfit. I made so much noise when I walked, and even more when I danced. It was the best! What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. Your gypsy costume is superb. The red shoes are a nice touch. I love the one with you and Julia. What a classic look. You should sepia that one and frame it. Something about it has the essence of John Singer Sargent's portrait of Ena and Betty Wertheimer.