Friday, March 30, 2012

Jules Louis Machard: Jeune femme en tenue de soiree assise pres dun bouquet dhortensias

I love this painting. Unfortunately, I can't find any information about it in English, so it will have to speak for itself. The sleeves are hideously wonderful, all covered in lavender ruffles. The square neckline decoration is actually pretty compelling, in my opinion. I find the fact that this is a 1890s looking ensemble where the skirt and bodice don't really have anything to do with each other really interesting - I have seen a couple of other examples like this, but it does not appear to be particularly common.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The New Velvet Hat "The Shirley"

With so many Titanic events coming up, everyone knows it is all about the hats. I love this 1910 advertisement, because it shows how much of a difference your hat-trimming can make. In fact, you could find or make just one hat, preferably in black velvet, with a modest crown and brim, then tack up one side of the brim. Now you can slap on a flower or a bow and have a different hat for every event you attend!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Heeresgeschichtliches Museum Part 2, Franz Ferdinand

This is me with the car that Archduke Franz Ferdinand was riding in when he was shot. How cool is that? Also, all his stuff! Check it out.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

1825 Dress, Salem, MA

I love our now-annual regency ball in February in Salem, MA. There are a lot of reasons for this, but one great reason is that Salem was definitely the place to be in the historical time period we're discussing. So even though it is a little late for me, this 1825 dress is extra cool because it was owned by a Salem girl! This dress went to the parties we mimic! Anyway, you can check it out for sale on vintage textile. I also think it is actually a very pretty and interesting dress... the fabric is neat, the skirt decorations are tons of fun, and there are some detail pictures where you can look pretty closely at the stitches. So cool!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Heeresgeschichtliches Museum Part 1, 1853 Hussar

When I went to Vienna for a dance week, I took pictures at the military history museum (Heeresgeschichtliches Museum) and promised to post them later. I am slow, but I have not quite forgotten. So today, I want to share one of my very favorite uniforms from that trip. I don't entirely know why, but I fell completely in love with it. It also really reminds me of the uniform from yesterday's post. The card proclaimed this a "Sommerattilla fur Wachtmeister der k.k. Husaren um 1853." Mostly I don't get German, but I guess it is an 1853 Hussar uniform. How wonderful would it be in a mid-19th century ballroom? I think it strikes an attractive balance between simple clean construction and fabulous military ornamentation. So pretty! Time for pictures - sorry about the glare, but you get the idea!
Oh, it is so pretty. Wonderful braid all over!
The cord on the back is so pretty. A very graceful line, don't you think? Plus, I found it really fascinating to see the back of one of those sashes - usually the back is covered by a jacket, and I never see!
Maybe that is a redundant picture. I still really like the back
The collar trim is cute. You probably don't often notice the back of a soldier's neck, but why not throw in extra ornaments anyway?
Fuzzy picture, but I want to try to show off the front trim. That blue and gold striped trim is charming, and the rosettes are neat, and the pattern is very striking for being so simple.
A much sharper detail shot on the rosettes and cords. Doesn't it make you want to learn how to fasten one of those cord and barrel Hussar sashes? What a great decorative knot!
I don't know what the stars mean, but I'm sure they're important. I'm more entranced by the cord patterns, though.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oscar Arthur Bluhm - "Leutnant (und Dame)"

I know basically nothing about this painting, except it seems to have gone up for auction under the title of "Leutnant (und Dame) (um 1900)." But what I love is that charming late-century uniform with the great boots and a monocle or possibly glasses (but I'm voting monocle, because that would obviously cooler). And then there is the woman, wearing a wonderful trained skirt. I love trains. I am not completely confident that this is her whole outfit (as opposed to her being in a state of mild un-dress), but I'm going to pretend I am. In which case, I really like the fabulous and dramatic skirt with a cute belt (maybe, anyway) and a little nothing blouse. I am inspired to make trains... or possibly uniforms. Oh dear.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Elegance in Exile

No, I'm not in exile, although I wish I were in Venice at this moment. There is a great looking exhibit called "L’eleganza in esilio – Tra moda e costume, il tempo di Diaghilev" at the Palazzo Mocenigo. I have found a dress, no, the dress, and I am in love. I want to steal every artistic element of it, but mostly the rope-like pearls. But also the pretty drapery. And the lace. And did I mention the pearls? It is a 1913 ballgown, and I love it so much! There's an article here (about the exhibit, not the dress, I'm afraid).
 And here are some other pretty dresses from the exhibit.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Black Bottom

I love youtube. I really do. I don't know anything about this video except that it claims to be clips of the black bottom from 1919 and 1927. What really blows me away is the little backless fringed romper thing that woman is wearing... it is amazing, don't you think?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

She and Him - Why do you let me stay here?

I've been working towards graduating, so I haven't had a lot of spare time to write good blog posts. I'm sorry. To entertain you today, check out this utterly charming music video with Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. No, this is not a particularly new video, but it has such a cute dance routine. Enjoy.

Monday, March 12, 2012

The End of the Ball - Rogelio de Egusquiza

This is a pretty painting. But the interesting part, in my opinion, is the study photograph it is clearly based on. I love the way they've propped up her train on a stool to make it look like it is swishing.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Events Attended - The Returning Heroes Ball

Last night was Returning Heroes! The music was amazing (if you weren't there to buy a copy of the new CD by Spare Parts, you can always go to their website and get one: The dancing was lovely. I got to talk to lots of nice people, and see some old friends. But let's have some pictures, now. I'm going to try this caption thing, but I'm not sure I will like it...
Julia was looking awfully pretty
Julia and Sarah did a great job checking people in... and they look like a painting
My dear friend Raven got to debut her new tartan ballgown. And really cute scarlet tartan drawers, shhhhhhhh!
I wore sparkly jewelry and a feather
Close up on the bling - check out my fringe necklace! And star earrings from Vienna.
I never get good pictures of mother. She is always too busy teaching or talking to people
Obligatory Pugliese picture
Pop Goes the Weasel! A dance sensation!
We did a short German figure with flags - you have to find someone with a matching flag, and that is your partner
I think the flags are so pretty!
I call this one Plaid Battle! Raven and Julia are pretty fiercely competitive in the Gothic Dance