Tuesday, June 7, 2011

1860s Tartan Sash

My best and most 19th century friend has recently returned from a year studying in Edinburgh. Obviously, I am thrilled to have her back. Because she's been spending all that time in Scotland, she has developed an obsession with tartan, so now every time I come across tartan things I think of her. A while ago I sent her this fashion plate of an 1860s woman in a sash. I thought it was a cool way to incorporate trendy tartan into an outfit without doing a great deal of work (although don't underestimate the coolness of doing a great deal of work - she is planning some really crazy cool stuff). Anyway, just now I stumbled across an antique clothing dealer with this sash on her website (Meg Andrews, here). It's an actual tartan sash from the mid-nineteenth century. How cool is that?Link

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