Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Polish Swan's Down

Apparently there is something Polish about swan's down trimming. Yesterday, when I talked about swan's down shoes, I brought up this Polish costume, with red boots trimmed in down.

But wait, there's more. This is from December 1863, and isn't it lovely?
This stylish costume may be made of any material. We would, however, suggest black silk as a pretty contrast to the swan's-down with which it is trimmed. It is merely a pointed waist, trimmed with down. A braided band trimmed with swan's-down is then laid on to form the jacket and girdle, giving the lower part of the waist the appearance of a vest. 
And here is an October 1864 Polish Coat.

Fig. 12. Polish jacket, made of black cloth braided with white silk braid, and trimmed with swan's-down.

Interesting, no?


  1. Are you planning to use the marabou trim you can get in fabric stores, or work with all those tiny fuzzy (sneeze-inducing) feathers? How do you trim something in down?

  2. That is an excellent question. The short version is that I'm going to use the silly cheap boas that you can get in any craft or fabric store. But the longer version means talking about what swan's down actually is, and that is worth a whole blog post. I promise you shall have it within the week!