Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A Collection of 1920s Outfits

Ok. I haven't written in a while. For what it's worth, I never stopped doing fun things - I just got unforgivably lazy about tracking down pictures of them. A lot's been going on. But I just came back from a 1920s event where I changed clothes every few hours, and that seemed worth documenting. Oh yes.

I missed getting crappy cell phone pictures (you're welcome for that, by the way) of a couple outfits - namely my dancing dress, bathing suit, and lazy kimono outfit. Maybe if I get pictures of those from someone else I can add them. I've never loved 1920s clothing as much as other time periods (oh, how I love defined waists...), but it's been growing on me recently. It can be devastatingly simple but still neat, and good accessories make such a difference.

Boat dress! I made this for the lawn party at the Crane Estate at some point.
Tea dress, with terrifying Mary Pickford curls (which are wonderfully fake!). Yes, that's totally tea in my glass. You can't really see the details of the dress - it was a lucky random find in TJ Maxx of all places, but it's PERFECTLY 20s. Like... gauzy white with a long front panel of white-on-white embroidery, and a dropped waist with a slightly gathered skirt. The shopping gods were with me that day.
Dinner dress, which I used to wear for performing years ago (Mother made it when I was a teenager), and which my sister has worn sometimes recently. But I spiffed it up with new accessories (check out those bright shiny gold character shoes!)
And here's the shocking blonde wig. Are you shocked? What do you think of me being blonde? I'm currently deeply in love with this tiara, with its pretty emerald cut green stones and gold deco-ish frame.
Pajamas! And a reproduction teddy bear.

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