Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jacob Ochtervelt

At the moment I have several higher priority things to deal with, but in a vague way I do intend to get around to making some 1670-80s clothes (so I can hang out with pirates at Pioneer Village). Unfortunately, this is neither my time period of expertise nor one that appeals to me that much, and I was having a difficult time finding examples of things I like. But that was before I discovered Jacob Ochtervelt. Check out these cool paintings.

The Music Lesson, 1671

Buying Grapes, 1669

The Love Letter, early 1670s

Family Portrait, 1670-75

De Speellieden, 1682

Lady with Servant and Dog, 1671-73

A Musical Company, 1670

The Backgammon Players, 1667-69

The Lemon Slice

An interior with two elegant ladies making their toilet together with a maid making the bed and a dog on a chair

The Drawing Lesson

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