Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Further Study In Bustles - The 1880s

These are 1880s bustles. As you can see, they have a similar pattern. There are the dull hoop-type bustles, the mummy-bustles, and the narrow bustles just in the back in casings. The interesting part is that there are also some stranger and more fascinating short bustles. I know it is a lot of pictures to scroll through, but make sure you get that far because they are cool.

Plain hoops.Mummy-style bustle

Casings, all the bustle in the back.
Short bustles! I adore them.

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  1. These are really interesting. (And I agree, the short ones are cute.) How are you thinking of applying these to Steampunk? I especially like the colorful ones that are only behind the body. Steampunk seems to be partly about deconstructing Victorian clothing - maybe one could wear a bustle like that over Victorian, pocket-decorated trousers?