Monday, December 10, 2012

Fezziwig's Ball 2012

This Saturday was Fezziwig's Ball! Hooray! It was wild and fun and a great success. But I was chastised repeatedly for not posting anything in my blog, so I must be better now. Life is hard (and so is grad school, go figure!). I had been toying with the idea of making a new ballgown for this event, but had given up on the idea when I realized how busy I am. On Thursday night, Mother convinced me to go for it. So we worked Thursday night, and Friday night after a long day of work. Then I worked through the day on Saturday, and wore the dress (mostly finished) to the ball that night! Whew. There are some unfinished edges that you can't see, and obviously no closures (why do I never get as far as closures???), but it was a pretty solid effort anyway. I'll write a different post about my dress, and for now mostly show you great pictures of people dancing. I made a real effort to get more nice photos than usual!
Raven went caroling looking just like a doll, don't you think?
Quinn is far too together. She had an amazing new 1820s ballgown (with fabulous appliques!), but also a new pelisse and lots of fur for caroling. Can't compete with all of that!
More dancing. I might not caption these all if I have nothing to say.
I attempt to do Art. With a capital A.
Massive Grand March
A very Grand March indeed
If you tie everyone up on one side of the room, it looks like there is more space.
I don't recall which dance this is. I think the Opera Reel.

There's Mother, on the sidelines
So much Spanish Dance
You can always spot Mr. Fezziwig, because he's so very tall!
Sneak Preview of THE CORALINE

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