Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Check out the One Hour Dress

The workshop went really well this weekend. Of course, then I got very ill and didn't write about it. But I will now put that to rights!First of all, Katy Bishop showed us some really amazing pieces from the 1920s for inspiration. You should already be jealous that you weren't there (unless, I guess, you were). The clothing was exquisite.So much tea! We had lots of yummy food and delicious tea (also water and lemonade - it was a hot day!), plus we used my favorite pretty teacups. I should write about my tea set some day...Next, Nicole Carlson showed us all how to take measurements for the dress, and everyone got measured. Then it was time for the sewing demonstration.Barbara did it! She started at 3, and finished by 4, making this a literal one hour dress. We all watched and helped a bit. Here she is, cutting the final threads!
Here is the new dress on our lovely model, plus the rest of us who came in our one hour dresses (plus one other style).

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  1. Fun and easy to make, although the "prettier" you try and make it the more time consuming it is. I wrote about my adventures here http: http://blog.vintagedancer.com/the-1920%E2%80%99s-one-hour-dress-tips-and-review/

    If you don't mind I'll add you link to my page so others can see more one hour dress varieties.

    Good work ladies!