Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Lyon Opera Ballet's "Cinderella"

I just found the creepiest thing ever produced by man. I wanted to share this super impressively creepy thing with you, but unfortunately youtube has a single clip of one of the less creepy parts. If you ever get a chance to see more (as I have... oh, have I!), you should. Unless, of course, you ever want to sleep again.So you want to know what it is? The Lyon National Opera Ballet Company did a production of Cinderella in 1989. The New York Times called it "astonishingly original and magical," so I guess I am just unsophisticated. Actually, I feel a lot better now that I have read that the dancers are supposed to look like porcelain dolls in a toyshop setting, evoking some sort of artistic meaning and feeling about childhood and fairy tales and emotion. I just thought the actors were wearing disturbing baby faces - of course, my roommate though they looked like terrifying burn victims. Anyway, the dance scenes are merely disturbing. The non-dance scenes have no dialogue... just recordings of baby noises. So you can watch light-up burn-victim babies writhe about the stage to the sounds of gurgling and giggles. If you aren't freaked out just thinking about it, I'm not sure what is wrong with you. The dancing may even be good (it is impressive, though it is intentionally strange and stiff-jointed), but I am too caught up on the horror dolls in their nightmare setting. *shiver*

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