Sunday, September 19, 2010

Inspiration by Georges Barbiers

Inspiration is not the name of the painting or picture, but rather I am finding this fellow rather inspiring at the moment (I've posted about him before). First, the obligatory apologies. School has started up again, and it was a less-than-smooth transition. Start with things like moving all my stuff and trying to schedule my classes so that I never actually have to be in two places in once, and then add a serious case of bad financial aid paperwork and stressful navigation of bureaucracy. I've been busy, but now I will be good and post again! Yay! Apology over!

Now, in the coming days there are going to be a lot of fantastic things going on with the 1920s. Be excited! Specifically, there is going to be a speakeasy for Halloween, preceded by a special tea dance and a dress workshop! More on those things as we get closer to the actual dates.

The point is that I wanted to inspire you. I don't love 1920s clothing... it really doesn't suit me at all. But these pictures are so cool that even the more hesitant among you should be excited! Yay!

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