Thursday, March 8, 2012

Events Attended - The 1812 Ball

I should be better about posting pictures of the things I do. The most recent thing I owe pictures of is the fabulous 1812 ball! Last year we did a regency dance, and it was wildly successful but also kind of wild. This year the attendance was a little lower, but the quality of dancing was AMAZING. Somehow having a little extra room to breathe, and having more people who went to classes (yay!), turned this event from a mad crush into a wonderful party. If you were there, I congratulate you on a lovely evening, and great dancing!

I wore a new gold dress (gold isn't even my favorite color or anything... but somehow my dresses keep turning out to be gold!). I also wore a dippy hair style and a little tiara! Because I can do that. I was too distracted with dance teaching to get enough sewing done, so mother wore the same dress as last year, and I couldn't find Julia long enough to take pictures of her - she was too busy hanging out with the cool kids. I don't know when I got to old to be one of the cool kids, but it was pretty cool to glimpse them now and then anyway.
Also, can you keep a secret? All the dances we did were reconstructions of regency-period dances, except for one. Several of the people there would have been heartbroken if we had not done The Gothic Dance, a great but too-late mid-19th century dance. So (with all proper disclaimers), we did it anyway! And this is why - look at them fly!


  1. It looks like it was a fabulous ball. :)

  2. Can I have a larger version of that last photo? I'm pretty sure that's me galloping down the center :)


  3. Looks fabulous! Thanks for all the pics!