Sunday, March 11, 2012

Events Attended - The Returning Heroes Ball

Last night was Returning Heroes! The music was amazing (if you weren't there to buy a copy of the new CD by Spare Parts, you can always go to their website and get one: The dancing was lovely. I got to talk to lots of nice people, and see some old friends. But let's have some pictures, now. I'm going to try this caption thing, but I'm not sure I will like it...
Julia was looking awfully pretty
Julia and Sarah did a great job checking people in... and they look like a painting
My dear friend Raven got to debut her new tartan ballgown. And really cute scarlet tartan drawers, shhhhhhhh!
I wore sparkly jewelry and a feather
Close up on the bling - check out my fringe necklace! And star earrings from Vienna.
I never get good pictures of mother. She is always too busy teaching or talking to people
Obligatory Pugliese picture
Pop Goes the Weasel! A dance sensation!
We did a short German figure with flags - you have to find someone with a matching flag, and that is your partner
I think the flags are so pretty!
I call this one Plaid Battle! Raven and Julia are pretty fiercely competitive in the Gothic Dance


  1. Beautiful dresses! Looks like a lovely ball!

  2. this was so fast! Such a great ball, and you have spurred me to go sparkle shopping today!