Friday, March 16, 2012

Elegance in Exile

No, I'm not in exile, although I wish I were in Venice at this moment. There is a great looking exhibit called "L’eleganza in esilio – Tra moda e costume, il tempo di Diaghilev" at the Palazzo Mocenigo. I have found a dress, no, the dress, and I am in love. I want to steal every artistic element of it, but mostly the rope-like pearls. But also the pretty drapery. And the lace. And did I mention the pearls? It is a 1913 ballgown, and I love it so much! There's an article here (about the exhibit, not the dress, I'm afraid).
 And here are some other pretty dresses from the exhibit.


  1. Those are so beautiful. I love the yellow silk one with the black chiffon/lace overlay!

  2. I find the brief reimergence of paniers in the 20s interesting. Similarly interesting is the Watteau back in the early 1890s and the Empire waist what made a fleeting appearance in 1892. I love to see fashion ideas reinvented or repurposed.