Saturday, November 7, 2015

Casual Picnic

More old pictures... we had a nice casual picnic and I brought out a new parasol. I like the blue flowers on white fabric. I also threw on a cream 1920s dress that I wear a lot (the one from TJ Maxx, isn't that insane?) and the sunglasses that I got to go with my knitted bathing suit. Plus a scarf in the hair, which I hope still looks 1920s and doesn't fling me into more modern territory...

Nice casual picnic. I made bread and nothing else... good planning
This duck had NO fear. But it also came to no harm, so I guess it will never learn. We named her Esme.
We really did play Mah Jong. I've figured it out! Enough for us to play, anyway.
The outfit
Oh man, I love the Boston Public Gardens. Best place ever for casual picnicking

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