Sunday, November 8, 2015

Tweed Ramble

I went on a tweed ramble. Which is like a tweed ride, but without bicycles. Which is an excuse for people to look snazzy and sporty and (possibly) wear tweed (if you haven't heard of tweed rides, they are a thing). I took the opportunity to channel cute 1920s ladies who wear pants and dress like unconvincing boys. PANTS. I never wear them (even in modern, everyday life) so don't get used to this.
Apparently when I wear pants, I run around climbing rocks, posing like Captain Morgan, and yelling "Look at me, I'm so rugged! Rugged I say!"
Or I lean against fences, feeling autumnal and casual. I'm in the sunshine in this picture, but the day ended up being colder than I'd expected. Luckily my good friends from The Quince and Quail lent me a spare jacket from their car!
Have you noticed yet how much I love taking pictures in trees when I'm all dressed up? This was a perfect tree, too!
True friends will climb trees with you.
THE BEST TREE EVER. I was a little afraid to get down, though. My shoes were really slippery on the bark.
Hanging out in a cemetery. Oh yeah.    
Just chillin. We were trying to capture the feeling of the picture that was the cover for the facebook event.

The picture from the cover of the event page. Do you think we have the spirit down?
Ladies dressed sort of like boys! Or at least, wearing sporty knickers. This awesome 1926 picture is just what I'm talking about...    

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  1. Really disappointed to have missed the vintage ramble. Hope they do something like this again next year! It was nice to see you again at Stow! I posted a couple pictures to FB and will be posting on my blog soon too.