Thursday, July 1, 2010

Violet Syrup

A few days ago I was walking with mother and we went to an odd little organic-type grocery store. I was drawn to nothing but sugar! Seriously, they had such incredible beautiful decorating sugar, and maple sugar, and sugared violets, and more! But the thing I had to have was the violet syrup. First of all, it is pretty. Second of all, it sounds unbearably romantic. Third of all, it sounded almost potentially tasty. So I ran home and made some violet soda for myself, with seltzer and a splash of violet syrup. The syrup itself it quite sweet, but mixed like that it makes a very delicate soda. Mother says its like drinking perfume, but I am determined to like it anyway for the dramatic and romantic effect. Also, she says it tastes better with food coloring. She is a bit nutty.

It does look sort of pretty with the food coloring, though. Naturally it makes clear soda.

I will have to experiment more. I think it would be lovely poured on deserts... perhaps a nice vanilla pudding?

1 comment:

  1. I thought your experimental phosphate was delightful and dashed creative. You'll have to point out the shop to me sometime when we aren't in a hurry.