Monday, July 5, 2010

Ragtime Hair Accessory from Urban Outfitters

I bought two headbands from Urban Outfitters. I had been mooning over this original 1920s hair accessory:

The ones I bought only have two bands, not three, but are otherwise quite lovely and similar. Of course, wearing this, it is a headband. I am now a bit concerned about where the medallions on the original would sit. Is it less of a headband? Do they sit on your ears? Looks uncomfortable, potentially.

Either way, I've decided I like these headbands plain anyway. Doesn't this look like an awfully nice ragtime hairstyle? I am considering wearing two of them together, to make two or three bands (the middle one thicker for three, obviously), but I haven't quite gotten them to lay right. May be better to just do this instead. Thoughts?

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