Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pirates at Pioneer Village

This afternoon I went to Pioneer Village to visit some pirates! There are not always pirates in this absolutely lovely 1930s recreation village, but this weekend was a special pirate weekend. Don't worry - I think that it was so good that there will be more pirates in the future of the village! I certainly hope so - I now aspire to hang out with pirates more often. Anyway, check out some cool pirate pictures.Look! Bee stockings! The height of piratey fashion, you know.
I believe this is Mr. Peaches and Mr. Worms, though we were never formally introduced. I hope I have the names right. They were really entertaining, and don't they look great?
A picture of Mr. Worms out in the light. Very cool pirate duds indeed.Check out this pirate family, looking spiffy.
We are silly! But don't you think this image has some advertising potential, somehow? "Shake hands with the past!" or "Get hooked on the past!" Oh, we did have a good time coming up with captions for this one.

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