Monday, August 23, 2010

Thomas Dolby Blinded Me with Science

I recently posted about Rockula, a fantastically silly movie from the 80s about a vampire who becomes a rock star. But did you figure out the really cool thing I didn't point out? Stanley, the ex-boyfriend of the most recently incarnated Mona, the owner of a discount coffin shop (Come to Stanley's, Stan's the man! Come to Stanley's Death Park!), and the "egotistical, psuedo-intellectual, money grubbing slut"... yes, that Stanley. That Stanley was played by none other than Thomas Dolby. Do you recognize him?
Isn't that fantastic? What's that you say? Who's Thomas Dolby? You don't know him? Of course you do know him! Or are you truly unfamiliar with "She Blinded Me with Science!" Anyway, run over to youtube and watch the lovely remasterd music video for it, because embedding has been disabled for that video. Boo. But enjoy some pictures!

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