Monday, January 31, 2011

Steampunk Outfit from the Technocrats' Ball

I did a very bad job of taking pictures at the Technocrats' Ball, which was totally lovely and went really well - it was great seeing so many people in their Steampunk best! Luckily, last week I wore the very same outfit (shhhh! don't tell) to a Steampunk meet-up in Waltham at the Charles River Museum of Industry. You'll have to settle for some pictures of that. The bodice is based on a Truly Victorian pattern, slightly modified. The skirt was totally made up, but worked out really well. The overskirt was a recycled costume piece (so there are two shades of purple, but only two - not clear in these pictures). This was just supposed to be a quick and dirty costumey Steampunk pattern test, so it is made in horrid (inexpensive!) polyester fabric that photographs badly, but which is actually really cool for Steampunk purposes. Yay!

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