Thursday, May 17, 2012

More Stockings

I think I have been selling myself short. For years I've relied upon plain tall white stockings for historical events, occasionally switching to black or perhaps even simple striped stockings. No longer. I think I need a wardrobe of really eccentric stockings for doing historical events. Starting with this first and most ridiculous one...
OH MY! These socks are so wild. I wish I could find real information about them, but they claim to be from 1900. I wonder if they were part of a fancy dress outfit, or just a fabulous secret under some woman's skirt. I have never understood toe socks and think they are awfully silly, but I would totally wear normal socks with a sequined appliqued snake wrapped around my legs! Yes, I really would.
1810. Fabulous yellow color, insane Easter pastels for monster clocking. I haven't the patience for this, but they would be awfully cool with a nice regency dress.
1830, sweet and simple, but still quite interesting.
1846. It is a bit hard to see, but these have interesting lace stuff going on at the bottom. Just a little something extra!
1860, I like the pink!
1865, fabulous blue with yellow or gold.
1870-80, extra fabulous red! With sparkly gold!
1880-89, the two tone blue is interesting, with little designs even more so.
1885-89, with bird embroidery!
1890-1910, I am not sure I even really get the two-tone-ness of these, except as a devotee of red dance boots I do understand the need for a flash of red under one's skirts.
1900-1915, plain little polka dots, something you might actually find in a store.
1900, cherub lace inserts look really cool!


  1. You've beat me to the stockings blog post! I've been studying them too, and feel the same way - bring on the eccentric legware!

  2. Oh, I had no idea. Great costuming minds think alike!