Sunday, May 13, 2012

Posing on Window Sills - Nadejda Mikhailovna and Me!

I love this picture of Nadejda Mikhailovna de Torby. Why? First of all, because she has a lovely dress, which kind of reminds me of a less-ruffly version of my new tea dress. I might need a plainer one, perhaps with a darling dangling sash like hers! Second, that hair bow ROCKS MY WORLD and I intend to make a giant one soon, now. When I was a little girl I frequently wore giant hair bows for events (even though they hurt my hair! I was not yet making the wardrobe decisions...), but I never thought of them as a fabulous look for older girls. That said, I think she doesn't look any younger than I am currently. Third? This is a girl who knows how to pose in windows! Obviously this is one of my favorite pastimes (second, perhaps, to posing in trees!). Clearly we are time traveling sisters.
OH WAIT. You say she had a sister? Obviously Julia's going to need a Countess Anastasia dress. With a cute headband! Yes. I think so.
This is us, for comparison.

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