Monday, February 22, 2010

I bought... a bust?

I just bought the weirdest thing. Urban Outfitters is a funny store - it is so very mainstream, and yet so many of their things appeal to me or have obvious historical influences. So basically, I recommend them. On the other hand, I never buy anything for the full price at UO - they burn through stock, so they always reduce the price of things sooner or later to get rid of the extras. Since I have the ability to wait and check back (fortunately or not, I live next to one), the things I want invariably end up on sale.
But this was not one of the things I was waiting for. This was something that I happened to see on sale for $20 (it is currently on sale on the website for slightly more... I have never figured out how the physical and online stores relate, but it is on sale nonetheless if anyone actually wants one of these). Why do I want a slightly creepy looking jewelry bust? Actually, it needs work. I intend to cover and bulk up the head a bit, so it becomes a wig stand! I own a really spiffy 18th century wig (see the post-Arisia 2010 post), but it is so heavy that a cheap styrofoam head cannot support it, and the whole mess just topples over. This thing should be sturdy enough to deal with the weight, I hope. Another project for a later date.

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