Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Tissot

Mother liked my post on the amazing stripey hats. She said that the only Tissot painting she'd ever particularly noticed before is "Too Early." That one reminds me of the Astor's Beechwood, where we've held balls before. I think it has something to do with the placement of the doorways... the big main entrance, and the side door leading to a side room nearby. Although if it were the Beechwood, you would put the band in the convenient little alcove opposite the main door. And it would be significantly more decorated.
Anyway, I also really like this painting. It is "The Ball on Shipboard." Bustles are not my favorite, but those are some fun dresses. Also notice more of the black and white striped fabric, though not my favorite hat. This guy likes stripes. The flags and bunting are a lot of fun too. Tissot appears to have a lot of nautical paintings, usually with women in pretty dresses on board a ship. I cannot argue with such a thing.

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