Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Plaid Silk Hugenot Skirt and Temporary Hat

Plans just didn't work out today. First, we were going to go to a birthday party picnic for a friend in Boston. A medical situation canceled the picnic. Then we thought we would go to a different event, but it started raining. Not wanting to ruin the lovely new skirt I had just finished, I didn't want to wear it out in the rain, so we canceled those plans too. Bummer.

On the other hand, I had a delightfully productive morning because of these potential plans. I finished this new plaid Hugenot skirt. I started it on Wednesday, finished cutting pieces on Thursday, completely assembled it Friday, and then woke up to throw together a hat to match! Remember how into Tissot and the Tissot-bow-hat I am. Well, this is made from scraps, and I intend to re-do it later and do it more justice. But for 20 minutes work, not bad at all.I also, this morning, put most of the eyelets (I couldn't find enough! Boo hoo!) into this gorgeous blue plaid silk Edwardian corset I made. It's been sitting around, finished except for eyelets, beautiful but totally unwearable, for ages. Now it can be worn, and I am inspired to add the last four eyelets soon! So please enjoy the pretty pictures and forgive the slight weirdness of the lacing... I just adore the shape of this corset. The pretty swoops over the hips are so pretty. It is a Past Patterns pattern... check out that company for some lovely things.

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