Monday, June 7, 2010

The Sisi Choker - Part One

The inspiration for my choker from the Returning Heroes ball mostly comes from Empress Elizabeth of Austria, or Sisi. You have already heard from me before about her sparkly goodness (here, for example). I have a star, inspired by hers, and bought in Vienna. I wore it with a black ribbon, emulating a choker she had and worn. I even saw the original in a museum in Vienna, but I can't find a picture of it anywhere on the internet, and I didn't take a picture of it then (wasn't allowed to take pictures in that museum). I remember being confused at the time, because it said "a choker owned by Sisi," but it looked like a sparkly brooch and long random black ribbon, sort of crossed and wrapped around a piece of cardboard. How is that a choker? Later I was looking at pictures of her and found several that explain it. Since then I have decided that this is the coolest choker design ever. So here are my inspiration pictures of Sisi in her choker. For the last one, look to the right.

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