Saturday, May 1, 2010

Monsters in Love by Dionysos

A while ago I wrote about Dionysos, a french band with a couple of songs that embody exactly what I would look for in steampunk music. They also have a lot of songs that I would not characterize as steampunk. They also sometimes sing in English (with great accents, though). This is one such song... not steampunk, not in french, but particularly entertaining. Just read and enjoy the lyrics for "Monsters in Love":

We live like monsters
Like monsters in love
We live like monsters
Like monsters in love
I've stolen your perfume last night
On your bathroom floor
I've drunk all the bottle
And I feel like I was riding
My bike into the forest of your black hair
We live like monsters
Like monsters in love
Drunken trees got whisky in their veins
Lick them all
Drunken birds got whisky in their veins
Eat them all
The night is a friend of mine
I'm sure she'll hide us
Down by her arms
Nobody can see us
Nobody can tell us
Wake up my baby
Light up your body
Follow the dead trees
That make their shadow dancing like in musicals
Nobody can tell us that we live like monsters
'Cause love make monsters pretty
When they hug under a dead tree
Monsters in love, monsters in love

I love those last couple of lines. Isn't it darling? You should probably go hear the song for real, because the dramatic music and tempo changes (and the funny accent) all help make it even better. Cute song, very much stuck in my head...

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