Friday, May 7, 2010

The Wings of the Dove

I recently saw this movie, but this post is not actually about the movie itself. The plot is very sad. You may or may not like it. That is all I have ot say on the matter.

This post is about the dreamy, drool-worthy costumes, about which I have much more to say. Specifically, the exquisite hats. I am suffering such extreme hat envy!

The movie opens with this costume. I couldn't get a picture that really does it justice. Incredible blue and black feathers, a delightfully swooshy brim... I am in love. She wears it with a lovely coat, too.But wait, there's more! Check out this beautiful green concoction (if Monet made hats...?), and the asymmetrical velvet with lovely curly feathers. I want them both!
This one has a similar shape to the first, but it does have more tilt. It swooshes up on the side, but also in the back... it is remarkably difficult to capture the complexity of these gorgerous hats with screencaps, but if you watch the movie you will see everything. This hat appears to be black on the bottom, but sort of silvery on the top, with cool trim and a bird wing for good measure. I love it!Not a hat, but I totally need black feathered headdresses with sparkly bits.
In fact, thre are a lot of beautiful things in this movie that are not hats. I was drooling over most of the coats, and there were tons of dresses I would wear in a heartbeat. Even the extras had incredible things to wear. I am particularly in love with this dress. I want it so much now! It is hard to see the details, but look for the adorable little buttons down the front, and the pretty lines of the dress, and the lovely shot coppery blue fabric, with the cool copper collar and delicious crumply sash. Oh, I love it so much!

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