Saturday, May 22, 2010

Titus Sparrow Park, and a New Hat

Today I did a dance performance with the Commonwealth Vintage Dancers. Some very nice gentleman donated the money for a beautiful fence to be put up around this park. It is very lovely, so admire the fence.To celebrate the new fence, there was a dramatic and lovely opening event, and the organizers hired us to do a dance performance. There were lots of other things going on as well - antique bicycles, horse and carriage rides, Louisa May Alcott - but the main event was a large orchestra playing Strauss music, which was just wonderful to listen to.

For the event (which I took very few pictures of, apologies), I decided that I needed to trim a new hat. So last night, I pulled out a random scrap of obnoxiously slippery pink fabric, and plain straw hat, and did this to it!
And here is the outfit as a whole, if you were curious.

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