Sunday, March 20, 2011

Event Announcement - La Traviata Ball

Once upon a time, I decided that something was missing. Yes, our balls are beautiful. Yes, we have high standards for historical accuracy. Yes, they are the best and most affordable fairy tale experience available in the area. But I knew something was missing.

Gypsies. In the words of Blackadder, hot dancing gypsies. I was watching a lovely version of La Traviata and got to the party scene where gypsies descend, singing "Noi Siamo Zingarelle." Gypsies know how to party. The took a beautiful, extravagant ball, and made it wild.

So make sure to keep April 30 free! If Returning Heroes had too strict a dress code for you, pull out your best gypsy gear and come visit! Or recycle your 1860s ballgown from the last ball. Or just show up! This ball is going to be spectacular. Hope you are ready for:

La Traviata Ball

Saturday, April 30, 2011
8 to 11 pm

Berlin’s 1870 Town Hall
Berlin, MA

As usual, more details are available at the Commonwealth Vintage Dancers website (here), and questions can be directed to

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