Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fright Night Remake

Fright Night is a totally adorable movie from 1985. Charley Brewster loves horror movies, but is convinced that his neighbor is a vampire. Nobody believes him, and his girlfriend enlists the help of Peter Vincent, a washed-up horror movie actor and Charley's hero. Vincent does a hokey test to prove that the neighbor is not a vampire and put Charlie at ease, but also accidentally discovers that Charley was right. Whoops. So obviously, they have to kill the vampire now. It is just an adorable old vampire movie, and I like those things.
When I heard there was going to be a re-make, I was horrified. Surely they would mess it up! But then I discovered that Charley Brewster will be played by none other than Anton Yelchin from Charlie Bartlett. Suddenly, I feel much better about this movie's prospects. Also, Peter Vincent will be played by David Tennant, which is also very promising. This is all very good news.

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