Wednesday, March 23, 2011

La Cachucha

Ok. Technically, these aren't gypsies. But while I was searching for lovely pictures of balletic gypsies, I started finding all these pictures of Fanny Elssler dancing la cachucha, and several of other ballerinas also labeled with the term. So these aren't gypsies, but they are cute, Spanish inspired ballerina girls. I find that the thick strips of black lace on a colored skirt is a recurring theme in 19th century gypsy costumes.

According to wikipedia (yeah... high quality research for you), La Cachucha is "a Spanish solo dance... danced to an Andalusian national song with castanet accompaniment. Also, "Fanny Elssler (1810-1884, Vienna) was the first one to make this dance popular: she first introduced the Cachucha to the public in the ballet The Lady of the Lake (1812) and later in Jean Coralli's ballet Le Diable Boiteux (1836, "the Lame Devil"). So... now you know. But mostly I just thought they were cute.

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  1. Gilbert and Sullivan used the Cachucha in their 1891 operetta 'The Gondoliers'-the song Dance a Cachucha is one of the big chorus numbers in the show, and becomes the finale reprise. I little late for the ball, but still a lot of fun! Also, this is the video we watched when I was in it, and the choreography with the dolls is absolutely ridiculous.