Friday, July 22, 2011

The Ball Supper

I have just stumbled across this painting by Adolph Menzel. I think it is really lovely, and I find it fascinating to see everyone balancing their plates and eating, not sitting at a table. I especially love the gentlemen in fabulous uniforms, slightly bent over and eating while standing. What is between the legs of that guy in the front? Is it his hat? I suppose that if you're going to hold a plate you can't very well carry your hat, but it is so comical!


  1. It is (indeed) his hat. When a Chapeau Bras was not on your head it was supposed to be under your arm (hence the name) but as the gentleman has both arms raised, and no table is present, he has to make do.

  2. I must admit that he does look a bit funny, standing there with his hat protruding from his knees, but oh, look at all the lovely dresses and the gorgeous gloves. I have a passion for vintage gloves, and think they should be a mandatory accessory for every lady wearing a ball gown. The same goes for gentlemen! Who wants to have sweaty palms touching her hand and dress while dancing a vigorous waltz?