Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sparkly 1890s Bows

A friend of mine is beginning to plan out a totally sparkly and fabulous 1890s dress. She asked for a little help with inspiration pictures, and here is what I came up with. If anyone has any other pictures of beautiful dresses with sparkly bow motifs, let me know! Anyway, here we go.

This one is a little too early (1888), but otherwise perfect. I love the hyper-stylized bows with super-sparkle. Pretty pretty.
This one only has only one sparkly bow, and it is black (I believe she is planning something with those brilliant white swarovski rhinestones), but it is really nice anyway. According to the Met it is 1892-1894, and OF COURSE it is a Worth.
I was already in love with this dress, so even though it isn't a bow motif, I still thought of it anyway. You could just as easily do this with bows as with flowers, and I love all the sparkle!
This is just for fun - I actually think it is kind of unattractive, and it is certainly not what she was looking for. But that is one dramatically large bow motif at the bottom!


  1. I've been watching these bows on eBay.



  2. Ooh, those are really sparkly. I suppose that would be a much easier way to accomplish the look than applying the rhinestones from scratch. But then, I have super crazy friends and I love that. But I would still love to see a dress with those bows on it.