Thursday, July 14, 2011

Regency Wheat Sheaf Fever

I think wheat sheaves are super pretty. So imagine my delight at finding all these fabulous fashion plates which use wheat as decoration! Whether you stick it in your hair or on your bonnet, what a lovely accessory. Some of these are obviously a little late to call regency, but oh well. I am very inspired to incorporate a wheat motif into a regency ensemble.


  1. I find this fascination of using wheat in fashion interesting. I saw a dress worn my THE Mrs. Astor with a wheat patterned brocade. It was ivory with silver woven metal lace trim. The wheat brocade on the front center panel was detailed with silver sequins. It had a "kelly" green velvet band at the waist with a pendant at the point and complimentary bands at the arm. I thought I had pictures, but I can't find them.

  2. Found it on the Met Museum website.

  3. You should try the embroidery technique where stalks of wheat are split into fine slivers and sewn to the cloth. I don't know if they are couched down or if the wheat stem was actually used as thread but the result was a glossy satin-like surface. Martha Washington had a dress using this technique.

    Then again, it sounds hellishly tough to do, only suited for a half blind seamstress in the attic.