Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dick Turpin on Horrible History

When I was young, I went to England for a week with my family. While there, I discovered the coolest book series for 12 year olds EVER. It was called "Horrible Histories," and it was these really funny illustrated books fully of silly or absurd facts about different historical time periods. They all had great alliterative titles (like the Ruthless Romans or the Terrible Tudors). They were really charming and silly books.If you pay any attention to this blog, you may have noticed that I also adore Adam Ant, a fabulous 1980s British pop star. Of particular note is his song "Stand and Deliver," a great song with an amazing music video starring Adam And as a fashion-conscious romantic highwayman. Fantastic!

Just recently, I've discovered that the Horrible Histories have become a television show! Which features skits ranging from gross (clearly aimed at the 12 year old audience) to absolutely brilliant. Among the very best? Check out this music video about Dick Turpin, a totally unromanticized look at the life of a highwayman.
For comparison, here is Stand and Deliver. Oh, this is no accident.


  1. ok, THIS IS AMAZING. Also, confession: in the mornings before I went to the gym when I was in Scotland, I would watch reruns of Horrible Histories on the BBC children's channel. I love this series/show. This particular song takes the cake, though.

  2. That is not much of a confession. This show is darling! This is certainly my favorite song, but to be really fair, "Do the Pachacuti" has been stuck in my head all week!

  3. I'm a big Horrible Histories fan (read the books as a child and stumbled upon the tv series as an adult). The dick turpin song sketch is my all time fave HH video. *swoon*

  4. horrible histories is awesome - I have got nearly every book
    horrible histories can be seen on CBBC