Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ballet Hussars

In Swan Lake, Prince Siegfried is supposed to get married. In fact, there is a very Cinderella-ish ball with bunches of princesses, and he is supposed to choose one. In the Tchaikovsky ballet, one of these princesses is Hungarian, and there is a Hungarian song during the ball for her accompanying Hungarians to dance to. There is a film of the American Ballet Theater dancing Swan Lake in 2005. The costumes generally are beautiful and fascinating, but the coolest costuming moment for me was the Hungarian dance. Look! They are Hussars! Admittedly, they are odd ballet Hussars, but enough of the elements are recognizible anyway.
You may already know that I have a bit of a thing for red shoes, and red dance shoes particularly. I wear little red dance boots on a very regular basis. So imagine my adoration of these fabulous red Hessian dance boots! With tassels and everything! Then, of course, there is all that decorative knot work on the pants, and impressive braid on the dolman, and even a peliesse (although I admit that the fabric choice is very odd for a Hussar). I don't know who costumed this show, but I absolutely adore it, especially the ballet Hussars!
I think I am developing a fairly serious obsession for Swan Lake and for Hussars. Both at once... this is too much! Add in my undeniable obsession for red dance shoes and... oh my!


  1. Their red boots are pretty spiffy! I also like the frilly frothy white petticoats under the skirts that show when they twirl. Those must be fun to dance in.

  2. Dear Antonia,

    How is it possible that I only found your blog today? I think we are what the Germans call "seelenverwandt" - two souls with similar likes and tastes. I, too, am a romantic who would have felt more at home around 1905 than the current era. I am a trained ballet dancer with a passion for ballroom dancing, specifically the Viennese waltz danced in full-length, full-skirted silk ball gowns. Sigh - I get gooseskin just thinking about it.

    I will subscribe to your blog immediately, and look forward to reading all your posts.

    Warmest regards,