Thursday, April 5, 2012

Brave's Queen Elinor Stole Ellen Terry's Macbeth Dress

So, let's be honest. This post is for my friend Raven (who has a new blog, actually), who studied abroad in Scotland and is excited about the upcoming Disney movie Brave. To be fair, Disney movies are a lot of fun. But I noticed something about the Queen's dress in Brave... It looks familiar. Do you see it

That's it! It looks like a total rip-off of the Macbeth costume worn by Ellen Terry. This beetle encrusted dress has undergone some recent conservation work and is looking really spiffy. Also, she was painted in it by Sargent, and he is one of my favorites. Do you see the similarities now? Or am I crazy?
Ellen Terry as Macbeth, 1888
The painting by Sargent... WOW
The Dress
And again
Conservation work! Beetle bodies! Cool!


  1. this is FANTASTIC. So far the movie is getting a lot of critical support for its archery accuracy (check it out here I'm excited to see that while the costumes may not be actually accurate, they are at least pulling from awesome inspirations!

  2. Yes, it's meant to be the same dress!