Saturday, April 21, 2012

Events Attended: Titanic Ball

Saturday evening was the grand ball (and I'll warn you now, I have nothing to say about the Sunday events - I heard they were lovely, but I had to go home and do schoolwork!). It was all very grand, with a nice dinner and some great music. A lot of people did not make it to the end, but they were missing out. I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves, now.
This picture does totally insufficient justice to Mother's new dress. It is made of the most AMAZING fabric, embroidered all over in dramatic metallic purple peacock feathers, and embellished with glittering seed beads everywhere. It is really exquisite, but the camera loses all the drama of the light playing across the beads and threads. Tragic.

Julia is a rat fink and fell asleep (because she'd barely gotten any sleep in the past 48 hours and had been working really hard, blah blah blah), so I got exactly no good pictures of the new dress I threw together for her. So unfair. On the other hand, I do adore this picture. Tiara and bunny ears? Oh yes! Hahaha.

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