Monday, April 9, 2012

Friendly Plastic Fan Handle

I've been mildly interested in fixed fans of the mid-19th century. I will owe you a post with some images for reference. Instead, today I present you with me ACTUALLY FINISHING SOMETHING! Rejoice. I have had this feathered pad (rescued from a cheap mask) waiting around for a while, but to be a feathered fixed fan it really needed a handle. I'd considered doing something with wood, but it was never quite right and wood is definitely not my area of expertise. Just recently I was struck by inspiration - friendly plastic. It comes as tiny plastic pellets, and they get soft enough in water to shape by hand. Then when the plastic cools, it gets completely hard. So even though you know this is plastic, pretend it is something more period like bone. It looks pretty nice, even if I couldn't find a dark background for picture-taking.

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