Sunday, April 22, 2012

Jewels, Gems, and Treasures at the MFA

About couple of weeks ago (but oh, I've been busy since then), I went to the MFA with a dear friend. At the moment, they are having an awfully sparkly exhibition called "Jewels, Gems, and Treasures." There were some cool ancient things, but obviously I'm most interested in jewelry that I could wear to a dance event. If only it was mine! Here are my favorites.
Oh, if I could have stolen one thing, it would have been this. The picture does no justice to the size of this thing! It is an 1890s corsage ornament. I found a website with what I think is the same item (or something very similar, at the least), and it claims to be 23.5 cm long. Wild, don't you think?
A detail of the 1890s corsage ornament. Look at those diamonds glitter!
This early 1860s set belonged to Mary Todd Lincoln. Cool.
1870s amethyst suite. You know, I really like amethyst. It is so pretty!
I am sure I have seen this one in books. It is a Lalique hair ornament with antennae, from approximately 1900. So cool! I really do love it.
Another view of the same. It was symmetrical, but my camera makes it look funny.
An 1890s Faberge diamond necklace. Oh yeah.
Close up!
And the winner of creepiest jewelry set, this 1870s set is composed of taxidermied hummingbirds. Eww! They have rubies for eyes and little gold beaks. Creepy.

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