Monday, April 23, 2012

A Hazard of Hearts

I like to watch television while I do homework, and I've been doing a lot of homework. So allow me to make a movie recommendation to you! A Hazard of Hearts is absolutely hilarious. It is very much a regency romance novel turned into a movie. It begins with a nice old man losing his fortunes, his mansion, and even his daughter in a terrible gambling debt to an evil man. Lord Vulcan (who seems like a bad boy, but obviously has to turn out to be perfect and heroic anyway) wins the girl and the house away from the villain, but then finds himself unexpectedly stuck with them. With no intention of actually marrying her, he sends her off to his mother, who turns out to be Evil with a capital E. It is unspeakably ridiculous. Oh, and the ingenue of the story is a very young Helena Bonham Carter, and the evil mother is a somewhat older Diana Rigg. Not to give too much away, but for me the highlight of the movie is when she gets abducted, and a sweet highwayman saves the day and takes her home. I did mention that this was ridiculous, yes? Well if you're bored, go watch it right now!
See, I told you so!
Yes, indeed I did.
Is he a devious man? Or is he a dashing hero who enjoys casually leaning against mantelpieces? Give you one guess.
No guesses here. This guy is s sleaze ball!
The face of tragedy! Oh no!
Maybe I spend all my money on gambling, liquor, and smuggling! Or maybe I just have a really large turban budget.
Yeah, I'm leaning towards the turban thing.
Definitely the turbans.

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