Friday, April 2, 2010

Lady Grey

Italian Vogue (March 2010) apparently had an interesting set of photos entitled "Lady Grey." Some of these were, in my opinion, hideous. Here I have collected the ones I though had at least one interesting feature. I feel like it is a pretty interesting combination of ugly over-designed madness (most of which I have already screened out for you) and pretty historical elements. On the other hand, I feel like I would prefer more historical elements. I guess I have no taste in real ashion...

So first of all, cool boat. It looks so precarious, barely attached to the hat. And I like the use of blue plumes... sort of watery...
Weird dress, but she has feathers in her hair, and that is neat.
I like the curtains. The people are ok. I really like the use of wigs. Giant wigs are a lot of fun.
This is very sparkly and white. I like her shoes.
Wigs! Yay!
Wigs, stockings, lovely shoes... some kind of wings? And a weird cloak thing?
More wigs! Wigs are so cool. And do I spy panniers?
I like giant fluffy skirts. Perhaps I should try hanging out on ladders. I would wear this. It would be inadvisable, but I would wear this.
Slightly less interesting, but she has a big skirt and is even more into hanging out on ladders.
A nice wig, and a nice hat. Like the stockings.

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