Friday, April 16, 2010

Transitions In Fashion - 18th to 19th Century

I just ran across this. It sounds so familiar that it might have actually been mentioned at the "Fashions in Federal New England" talk I attended a while ago (here). Regency is not really my thing, but I think I will end up doing more of it. Maybe. On the other hand, I found it honestly myself... I just discovered that my school gives me access to the most WONDERFUL database of 19th century British periodicals (from newspapers to Girls Own papers, and more!). I am so excited... I have a number of new personal research projects to work on. I should probably work on my academic research papers first, but I don't want to! So I was browsing through articles when I found this wonderful "conversation."

First, some setting. As you go from the 18th to 19th century, you go from super-wide, highly structured dresses to wifty, empire-waisted dresses. Imagine Marie Antoinette, and imagine Jane Austen - completely different, and yet chronologically not nearly so far removed as you would guess from the style differences.

For further orientation, here is a painting from 1801, the same year as this piece was written. It was painted by Constance Mayer.Now, here is the factual information for the piece:
The Lady's Monthly Museum (London, England), [Sunday], [February 01, 1801]; pg. 126. New Readerships.

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