Monday, August 13, 2012

1890s at the Roger Williams Casino

For the 1890s ball, we went all out on the glitter. For me that meant a tiara, two necklaces, and 14 sparkly bow pins. Excessive? Since it was all about the sparkles, I made the dress out of black velvet for maximum visibility. Add some big hair, and it's a thing. I started Mother's dress for Newport last year, but we didn't get as far as a bodice. Everything this year was a little rushed (I lost about a month of preparation time to the flu followed by a vicious cold), but the fabric is lovely. It deserves to be trimmed with something pretty next time, though. Julia's dress was also new (and unfinished). I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but it is the most amazing fabric ever. Pretty green gauze all covered in gold and embroidery. Wow. Pictures!
The lights are making my tiara difficult to distinguish, but it is a fabulous one, all fleur de lys and sparkles!
Black velvet shows off the bows. I think I need more for the bodice, though. What do you think?
All the angles.
With Julia. This doesn't do the green dress any justice. It is amazing.
With Adrian
Pugliese girls, covered in sparkles
People dancing
More people. More dancing.
Zombie cakewalk!
More typical cakewalk. You can't see me behind Julia, but you can see my foot.
I believe they call this the pimp polka


  1. Wonderfully charming. Your dress is splendid and very sharp :-)

  2. That is a SPECTACULAR dress Antonia!!