Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Real Life Pretty Pretty Princess

After the 1890s ball we went back to our room and decided to be awfully silly. Do you remember the game Pretty Pretty Princess? Honestly, I hardly do, but I do remember there was a box of cheap plastic jewelry and the winner of the game got to put on all the jewelry and the princess! Or something like that. Of course, instead of cheap plastic we had all the (fairly fabulous) rhinestone jewelry of a weeks worth of fancy balls. Including a ton of brooches because I freaked out while packing and just took extras instead of making decisions. Anyway, here we go:
I was the clear loser. Julia counted that I was wearing 20 pieces of glitter during the ball, and here I have stripped down to one measly tiara. But I get points for style on my teased monster hair, right?
Quinn is rocking two tiaras, and some assorted necklace bling.
Julia R with a number of necklaces and a great brooch.
Raven in at least one tiara, plus pearls, rhinestone collar, and some fabulous matching dripping flower brooches that I have plans for but haven't yet debuted.
But here we have our undisputed victor. Can you even tell how many brooches he's wearing? And doesn't he have great hair for tiaras? He can really pull off the look. Not to mention that I love the iron man pants. Congratulations Nick - the rest of us never had a chance.

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    I distinctly remember my little brother beating me at this game regularly. There are pictures somewhere...