Friday, August 10, 2012

Mid-Nineteenth Century Ball at Ochre Court

Then we went to Ochre Court for a fabulous ball in a spectacular hall. It really is very pretty. I was going to wear blue, but we couldn't locate my dress (eek!), so I wore gold instead. Hopefully it isn't too bad that Mother and I both wore gold dresses.
Death from above! Or maybe it is a quadrille.
Chairs in the pretty side room
Don't we look lovely?
Some people dance, rather than just posing all the time...
Oh, more dancing people
Looking good on the stairs.
More on the stairs
A different angle
We all fall down
Higher up on the stairs
More pictures in the side room
We stopped to get slurpees at 7-11 (a critical and time-honored tradition), but Raven and I had already started undressing by then. It was really hot and humid!

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