Monday, August 6, 2012

Back from Newport!

This year was the 25th and final Newport Vintage Dance Week. Whew. Pretty intense. I had a surprisingly delightful time, probably thanks to all the cool people I got to hang out with. If you're interested in what I have to say about Newport, you might want to read my mother's charming blog about recreating the 19th century HERE. You might check out my sister's blog, but I don't know that she'll write anything about Newport except that she got cool new dance boots HERE. You should certainly read Raven HERE, and Quinn HERE, because they write lovely and very relevant blogs. I don't think you can read anything written by Julia R, Nick, or Adrian, but you'll probably see them in lots of pictures because they were wonderful and fun.

OK. The next post will have good pictures (we all shared, so now I have literally thousands to slog through), but for now this is me leading a workshop on working with ostrich feathers on the early arrival day.

I believe that in this exact moment I was saying "Oh no, Mother is taking pictures and now she'll have all sorts of weird ones with me making funny faces and odd gestures." Go figure!

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  1. :) Love all your links to our blogs, but mine appears to be un-functional. I've never come across Raven's and I never could remember your mother's either, so this is great! Now I can add them to my reading list! Can you fix me? :) I look forward to seeing which pictures you pull out and share!!! You'll have to include lots of inside jokes... I put a "more adequater" in my first post, you should try to spot it!

    Thanks! Quinn