Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Great Gatsby at Rosecliffe

The first formal evening event of Newport was a 1920s Great Gatsby party at Rosecliffe. I am fairly in love with my dress, which was a 1980s party dress I bought at a thrift store. Then I changed the sleeves (which were ugly and wrong), changed the skirt (which did not allow for the Charleston), and ended up with a fun 1920s party dress, gauzy and beaded all over! I am awfully pleased with it still, even though it was last minute like everything else. Also, I should talk about my headdress. I bought a band-shaped tiara (with swirly cast pieces covered in rhinestones, and freshwater pearl bands), and bought two matching brooches with dangles. Then Julia R had silver thread (genius!), and I lashed them together to make a fabulous 1920s headdress with side dangles (remember this post?). I adore it!
Mirror Doors

Here are more pictures, but now of all the cool kids. I particularly insisted on the picture with us in a line with our feet in the air, like that original one you see everywhere. I think we need to practice being silly, because they look a little more ridiculous than we do.
Don't they look particularly silly?

I think next time we'll be sillier...

We sure do look cute, though. I love all the green dresses.

Charleston! Everyone else is eating, but we stop for nothing!

Also, we can fly. Did you know that?

People having fun in the ballroom...

... while the help cuts up outside

Everyone looks happy

Impromptu charleston lesson! There were not nearly enough charlestons in the evening for a 20s event. So tragic!

I like those mirrored doors a lot

Yes, other people attended. But my friends are really pretty, so they dominate the photos.

As though we were having fun or something!

Awww, cute.

Of course, by then I was tired

But nothing will stop the charleston!

Take a minute to appreciate Julia's bling, not to mention her wig. It looked really smashing on her.

I love this picture. We were trying to be the statue, but mostly we just look silly!

Goodnight, ghostly fountain!


  1. I specialize in teaching the Original style of Peabody. If any in your group are interested I would love to come and teach it, sometime in the future. You look like a fun-loving group! You can email me at sandra@acacheofjewels.com if interested, at any time.

  2. Statues....don't blink!

    You all look fab in your outfits. And the venue is lush.